Playing the game

The object of the Liar’s game is to get rid of all you cards.

Rules of the game

Whoever starts chooses the card value to be played. He/she then puts as many cards as desired with their face down – either truthfully in the declared value, or lying with other values . The other then needs to put one or more cards of the same value. This goes on until someone calls the other a liar and checks the cards. If  the cards placed during the last round were a lie - then the one who lied takes the whole table and the one who called “Liar” gets to start. If it wasn’t a lie then the one who called “Liar” takes the whole table and the other gets to start.

Aside from the lettered cards (A to F) there are the “Any” joker cards which can be used as any value without being considered a lie.

How to play

When it’s your turn to play – you must first select the “Declared Value” of the cards – that’s the card value you’re supposedly playing.

Then select the cards to play as the "Declared Value" (you select a card by clicking it with your mouse), then press "Play" to put them on the table (face down).

Press the "Liar !!!" button if you think the Computer lied.

The computer CANNOT see your cards and will also try to guess when you lie.

After someone calls “Liar” the cards on the table are turned face up. Then you can see who lied when.