Psychological aspects

The liar’s game is probably the game the less suited to be played against a computer. When you play it against actual people, the strategies quickly become unimportant and what matters is how well do I read what the opponent is thinking, and what he’s thinking that I’m thinking etc…

It was interesting to check if people can have such thoughts and feelings towards a computer which, by definition, does not think.

Lying in general has 2 aspects. The first aspect is the moral one: how easily do I do something that is considered by most as “wrong” or “bad”?

The other aspect is the intuitive one: how well do I understand the other’s thoughts and feelings? How well can I guess what he’ll think if I do this or that?

In this game the moral aspect is pushed aside – here it’s OK to lie. So we’re left with only the intuitive aspect, which makes it a great tool to measure how much I really know someone, how much I’m really open to capture his/her current attitude? And how attentive they are to me.

I really recommend you play this game with actual people. It can be played with any deck of cards and you can use more or less cards depending on the number of participants.

This game is viewed by many as metaphoric to most of our daily relationships, in many aspects. Is this true also for playing this game with a computer? I don’t know – but I’ll be happy to hear you feelings and opinions on it.